I'm a software developer, avid oudoorsman, and tea enthusiast living in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Band of Horses Great Salt Lake
by Band of Horses

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Cheers Cheers

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Development with Rails Agile Web Development with Rails
by Sam Ruby


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I am working on several exciting projects: Node Love is a nifty little MongoDB driven Node.js starter template, Camelize Me is a little tool that converts arbitrary text to camel case, Utah Ranks is a simple ranking and statistics repository for the state of Utah, and I am always working on a few super top secret ventures.

Currently learning

My favorite thing at the moment is RESTful APIs with Sails.js, a Realtime MVC Framework for Node.js. I am eagerly tinkering with AngularJS for lighting fast, maintainable single page applications. I am also learning cool HTML5 browser history manipulation magic, the inner workings of the Arch Linux distro, application scalability, the art of Zen, and how to use Omnifocus to effectively manage my time.

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