Subscription Membership Systems

Subscription Membership Systems

Have a great idea for an online membership platform? Want monthly recurring passive income?

I have more than ten years of experience building user-friendly platforms for your custom membership systems. Do you need to offer free trials or coupon codes? Need to offer monthly, bi-monthly, or annual subscriptions on different payment tiers? Anything is possible with a custom platform that perfectly aligns with your business logic.

Case Studies

Mobile Card Plus Mobile Card Plus: I provided consulting and development services for the Mobile Card Plus project. The project consisted of a subscription membership system powered by Stripe, a web interface powered by Node.js and AngularJS, and a mobile app for iOS and Android devices powered by the Ionic Framework.

Logo Design Logo Design: I was contracted to develop a platform for logo designers to showcase their work. The platform features a tiered membership system with recurring monthly billing using the fast and secure Stripe API. I hand-coded the entire back-end using the Yii PHP framework and front-end using Compass/Sass, Browserify, and Mustache templates. The project includes custom integration with Wordpress allowing subscribed members to contribute to the Logo Design blog.

One Review One Review: I was contracted to develop a platform for collecting unbiased hotel reviews. Hotels can subscribe to the system to gain access to a wealth of meaningful analytics about their hotel and other comparable hotels in the same market. I developed the back-end using the Sails real-time Node.js framework and the front-end using Bootstrap, Less, Grunt, AngularJS, and Chart.js.


If you'd like more information about these case studies or services, don't hesitate to get in touch. I'd love to discuss what I can do for you.